Thomas Davis speaks at the 19th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-19)

31 Oct 2019 | News

Company Director, Thomas Davis, was invited to present at the 19th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-19). His talk was on “Structural Materials Strategy for First-of-a-Kind Fusion Demonstration Reactor” in the ‘Fusion Startup’ session of the conference.

Two distinctive events within the fusion energy sector have raised questions regarding the scope, strategy, and selection of materials for a first-of-a-kind fusion power station. These two events are: a) the pursuit towards commercialisation by start-up private fusion energy companies could significantly reduce the time to demonstrate fusion power and b) recently enacted United States laws that legally enable private companies to construct and demonstrate fusion energy.

Thomas Davis presents at ICFRM-19

This talk explored the possible overall materials strategy for a first-of-a-kind fusion power station from the perspective of start-up private fusion energy companies. The selection of materials is essential for the design, safety, and operation to enable the success of any fusion power station. A pragmatic approach is recommended that considers the availability, cost, existing knowledge, identification of knowledge gaps, regulatory challenges, standardisation, and outlines a detailed strategic plan to fulfil all and future nuclear safety requirements.

The fusion community has set a criterion that requires all nuclear waste from the material’s activation to be suitable, after 100 years decay, for disposal within a low-level waste (LLW) repository. This talk will also discuss this criterion’s impact on a) fusion development b) whether LLW disposal after 100 years could actually be achieved c) and if not, what are the implications if the criterion was set against fission standards.

ICFRM is the premier international forum connecting specialists in the area of development of materials for both near and longer-term fusion energy systems. A central theme is the sharing of new insights, cutting-edge research, and technology in materials science pertaining to the realisation of fusion energy. The conference consists of daily overview plenary lectures, invited and contributed oral presentations, and a series of technical poster sessions in addition to hosted satellite meetings, pre-conference technical tutorials, and stimulating discussions.

Structural materials strategy for first-of-a-kind fusion demonstration reactor

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