About Oxford Sigma

Our History

Oxford Sigma is an internationally recognised advanced materials fusion technology company. Formed in early 2019 to address producing sustainable advanced materials for fusion energy commercial deployment by Co-Founders Dr Thomas P. Davis and Jonathan Musgrove. We are proud of our heritage which stems from both the University of Oxford and Oxford city, where our headquarters are based.

Our Belief

We believe fusion energy could become the ultimate terrestrial energy source for our future because it promises to have near-limitless fuel supply, release no carbon emissions at source, and provide the energy demand to lift the world out of energy poverty. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate fusion energy to become commercial; we focus on areas that we see are enablers for this, such as leading international standardisation of fusion components, producing key advanced materials for fusion core applications, and strategy leaders in materials for fusion.

Our Approach

At our heart we strive for practical, yet ambitious, targets in fusion materials selection that is fusion-approach agnostic. We use this pragmatism and integrity at our core to ensure we arrive at sound design choices, advanced materials systems, and strategies that enable both ourselves and key partners to reach the quickest route to de-risking fusion deployment.

We do not look for perfect solutions, we look for the right solution.

Meet our executive team

Dr Thomas Davis

Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas leads the executive branch. He has a background in materials science, fusion engineering, and nuclear regulation, and holds a PhD (DPhil) in Materials Science from the University of Oxford.

James Dimitriou


James is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in corporate finance, investments and acceleration of novel innovation. He leads the company’s corporate governance and investments. He holds an MSc in Finance from the University of Surrey.

Jonathan Musgrove

Co-founder &
Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan runs the company operations. He has a background in chemical engineering and regulatory compliance. He holds an M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Dr Alasdair Morrison

Chief Technology Officer

Alasdair leads the company’s research team on fusion energy systems. He has a background in materials science, manufacturing and fusion technology, and holds a PhD (DPhil) in Materials Science from the University of Oxford.

Partnerships &

Partnerships and collaborations are at the core of our ethos. We see them as key in delivering enabling technology to ensuring timely deployment of commercial fusion energy.

​See our latest updates on the progression Oxford Sigma has made to achieve our mission.

If you are interested in partnering, or need assistance, please reach out on [email protected]


Oxford Sigma is an affiliate member of the Fusion Industry Association, an international coalition of companies working to commercialise fusion energy.

Oxford Sigma is a contributor to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section III Division 4 (Fusion Energy Devices).

Oxford Sigma is a member of The Fusion Cluster, a UK focused collection of organisations focused on the commercial deployment of fusion energy.

Fusion Industry Taskforce (FIT), aims to provide an independent, insightful voice to UK Government on key issues relating to fusion’s development in the UK.

Accreditation and Quality

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