About Oxford Sigma

Company Vision

Oxford Sigma’s vision is to accelerate the commercialisation of fusion in the global effort to tackle climate change and resolve challenges in energy security.

Worldwide Operations

Oxford Sigma is internationally recognised as a key fusion materials and technological leader within the market. We operate in United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, and Japan.

Est. March 2019

The company was established in March 2019 within the United Kingdom by Jonathan Musgrove and Dr Thomas P. Davis to tackle the emerging need for technology solutions in materials science for fusion energy. 

Why Oxford?

We are proud of our heritage which stems from both the University of Oxford, where Dr Davis completed his PhD in the Department of Materials, and Oxford city centre where the company is based.

What is Sigma?

The Greek letter σ (sigma) encapsulates the nature of our activities in materials research, use of nuclear cross-section data, and fusion design.

Organically Grown

We are an organically grown fusion company, owned and operated by scientists and engineers, with our roots and headquarters in Oxford. 

Meet our executive team

Thomas Paul Davis

Dr Thomas Davis

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Thomas has a background in materials science, fusion engineering, and nuclear regulation. He leads the Company’s research team on fusion energy systems. He holds a PhD (DPhil) in Materials Science from the University of Oxford.

Jonathan Musgrove

Jonathan Musgrove

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan has a background in chemical engineering and regulatory compliance. He runs the company operations. He holds an M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Our Headquarters


Oxford Sigma is based at the world-leading science business centre, Oxford Centre for Innovation, Oxford, UK, which provides a rich, engaging environment with fellow similar companies who work in the science, quantum, and energy sectors.


Oxford Sigma is an affiliate member of the Fusion Industry Association, an international coalition of companies working to commercialise fusion energy.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Oxford Sigma is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section III Division 4 (Fusion Energy Devices).

Oxford Sigma is a member of The Fusion Cluster, a UK focused collection of organisations focused on the commercial deployment of fusion energy.

Accreditation and Quality

Oxford Sigma Ltd only.