Oxford Sigma Technologies

The fusion industry has been gaining momentum and this decade should yield milestone results to demonstrate fusion energy as a real source of energy. However, fusion energy environmental conditions that will be experienced by the structural and functional materials are extreme and the ability to withstand these conditions are still unsolved.

Oxford Sigma develops enabling materials technologies for fusion energy in order to accelerate the deployment of this carbon-free energy source.

The company is focused on key materials and their applications in the following topics:

Plasma Facing Materials

Blanket Materials

Liquid Metal Technologies

Materials Testing Facilities

Fusion Materials Processing

Automated Design Tools

Research Collaborations

Oxford Sigma is actively engaged in research collaborations with universities and national laboratories on developing new materials solutions for fusion energy. Some of the collaborators are found below.

For more information on Oxford Sigma’s projects, software tools, research collaborations, or if you would like to collaborate with us on a project, please contact us via email at [email protected].