EUROMAT 2019 scientific conference talk on materials for sodium-cooled fast reactors

03 Sep 2019 | News

Company Director, Thomas Davis, was invited to present at the EUROMAT2019 conference, the premier international congress in the field of materials science and technology in Europe, on materials for sodium-cooled fast reactor cores following his work at the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation.

The United Kingdom’s Government launched the Advanced Nuclear Technologies (ANT) framework (Dec 2017), Nuclear Sector Deal (June 2018) and opened the Generic Design Assessment regulatory framework to enable advanced nuclear reactor designs (Generation IV) to be submitted for possible deployment in the UK energy market (Jan 2019). In addition, the Clean Growth Strategy policy paper (Oct 2017) announced immediate investment to further develop the capability and capacity of the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) [UK’s nuclear regulator] to support and assess ANTs.

This research report ONR-RRR-088 was completed during Thomas Davis’ time at ONR and it investigates the available and developed materials for next generation nuclear reactors. Specifically, this report investigates the iron-based materials that could be used for fuel cladding and core components operating under aggressive operating conditions. Sodium-cooled fast reactors are selected as an example for such conditions (erosive coolant, high temperature, and high neutron flux), however the logic outlined can be applied to other Generation IV reactor types.

EUROMAT Thomas Davis 2019

This talk, based on the report, discussed the criteria, qualifications of new materials, and the latest thinking behind materials selection in Generation IV reactor cores (Sodium, Lead, and Molten Salt based). A set of criteria have been established and applied to identify the gaps in the publicly available knowledge regarding the properties, applicability and availability of such materials. This method of logic outlined in the report and talk could be utilised to optimise materials strategies and development for Generation IV reactors.

Review of sodium-cooled fast reactor core materials

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