Oxford Sigma invited to UK Parliament for report launch of ‘Fusion Energy: A Global Effort – A UK Opportunity’

20 Oct 2021 | News

Oxford Sigma joined the fusion community at Westminster for the launch of the report, Fusion Energy: A Global Effort – A UK Opportunity. The report examines the current state and future prospects of fusion energy as a source of abundant low carbon power.

Commissioned by Paris-based architect engineer of ITER, Assystem, and produced by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the report represents a positive step towards the realisation of fusion energy. According to the report, the UK is ‘beginning from a good position’ as it aims to ‘leverage scientific, commercial and international leadership to enable delivery of fusion energy.’

Thomas Davis Jonathan Musgrove

‘It was a pleasure to meet members of the fusion community and to be present for the launch of the “Fusion Energy: A Global Effort – A UK Opportunity” at Westminster. The report outlines key topics which discuss the current state of fusion, as well as key capabilities that the UK has which will lead the way to commercial fusion energy.’ ~ Jonathan Musgrove, CEO Oxford Sigma

‘This report marks a milestone in the UK’s fusion strategy towards becoming a first-mover in commercialisation of fusion energy. Momentum is building with the support of the supply chain, private fusion companies, government laboratories, and direct support from No 10 Downing Street. All of these must be aligned to ensure commercialisation success. ~ Dr Thomas Davis, President and CTO Oxford Sigma.

Read the full report here.

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