Mark Anderton completes 58th annual Culham Centre for Fusion Energy Plasma Physics Summer School

01 Oct 2021 | News

The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy Plasma Physics Summer School provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of plasma physics, together with a broad understanding of its fields of application . The Summer School covered topics such as; Magnetohydrodynamics, Landau Damping, Neoclassical Transport and Plasma Wall Interaction. Oxford Sigma are committed to contributing to the professional development of the team.

Mark Anderton with CCFE 58th Plasma Physics Summer School completion certificate.

It was a pleasure to participate in the Summer School this year. The course represents a significant contribution to the development of my knowledge within the field of fusion.’
~ Mark Anderton, Project Development Engineer at Oxford Sigma

The Summer School is a prime example of the outstanding services provided by United Kingdom National Laboratories such as CCFE. Davis & Musgrove Ltd values the contribution this course provides to Mark’s professional skills and capacity to tackle the challenges for our clients in the fusion industry. such as the CCFE’s Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

UK Atomic Energy Authority

CCFE is part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and is based at Culham Science Centre and has been a major international fusion research site since the early 1960s. Currently, CCFE are investigating fusion science and engineering including contributing to the first reactor-scale experiment, ITER, in France. Looking a step beyond ITER, CCFE are investigating technology and designs for first of a kind fusion power plants. The entire course was hosted at CCFE, lectures delivered by internationally recognised experts from the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Max Planck Institute and several universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of York.

Oxford Sigma develops novel technologies for fusion energy, holds expertise in advanced nuclear energy, and supports the defence industry. We also provide technical and regulatory-based consultancy. We are expanding at a fast pace in the energy and defence sectors. Through collaboration with industry, academia, and government, the company has expanded into patent and product development in fusion technology, as well as expanding its services into defence & energy strategy.

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