Dr Thomas Davis’ scientific publication on radiation damage of ferritic-martensitic steels for advanced nuclear reactors

29 Jan 2021 | Publications

Dr Thomas Davis has published a paper in the Journal of Nuclear Materials entitled, ‘Nanocluster evolution and mechanical properties of ion irradiated T91 ferritic-martensitic steel’.

The T91 grade and similar 9Cr tempered-martensitic steels (also known as ferritic-martensitic) are leading candidate structural alloys for fast fission nuclear and fusion power reactors. Grade 91 (referred hereafter as T91) steel is a candidate for sodium and lead/lead-bismuth cooled advanced nuclear reactors. Similar reduced activation variants are candidates for structural components in future fusion power reactors.

Thomas Davis Nuclear Materials Nanocluster evolution and mechanical properties of ion irradiated T91 ferritic-martensitic steel

Ion irradiation has been used to investigate the radiation-induced precipitation of nanoclusters and changes in mechanical properties of commercial-grade T91 ferritic-martensitic steel irradiated with Fe4+ ions up to 4.10 dpa at 301 – 311 °C (using the Dalton Cambrian Facility). The use of atom probe tomography and nanoindentation, when applied in tandem, have shown to provide an insight into how radiation-induced microstructural effects can explain the observed changes in mechanical properties.

Access the paper here.

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