Oxford Sigma upskills Mechanical Engineering Specialist M5Tec in Fusion Energy

16 Jan 2023 | News

Oxford Sigma’s fusion engineering team provided an expert training course in fusion energy engineering to the team of M5tec. The week-long bespoke training course equips participants with a depth and breadth of knowledge in fusion engineering, ranging from the original ideas behind fusion energy to present day innovation and future prospects for achieving fusion. The aim of the Oxford Sigma Fusion Energy Engineering Training Course is to upskill teams with a deep dive into the various designs of fusion devices and equip participants with the fundamental expertise required to engage with and contribute to fusion.

What participants say about the Oxford Sigma Fusion Energy Engineering Training Course:

‘The topics covered were relevant and well-tailored to us… The course was in-depth and allowed the team to engage with a knowledgeable member of the fusion community.’

‘The course was really informative and Oxford Sigma is clearly very knowledgeable about a huge range of topics in and around fusion technologies, infrastructure, commerce, etc. Interaction and the ability to answer a range of questions on various topics was great.’

‘The course provides a great deal of information and can be used for both a background understanding of fusion as well as a reference for further depth topics such as material selection.’

Oxford Sigma takes pride in our part to support a wide-ranging learning audience, from seasoned engineers to the next generation of fusion experts. As such, the learning experience is tailored to match the background and goals of each organisation receiving our Training Course. The Training Course consists of lectures, discussions, and dedicated Q&A sessions. Topics covered include tokamak design, fusion power station design, fusion materials, fusion safety, regulation, breeder blanket design, plasma facing components, plasma heating systems, radiation damage effects on components, and nuclear waste generation.

‘We engaged with Oxford Sigma to deliver this training, having previously worked with them on other projects and knowing how knowledgeable they are with regards to fusion engineering. The main aim of the training was to educate our engineers on the background of fusion energy and the key considerations when designing components for use in a fusion environment. This was mainly intended for our engineers who come from other high assurance industries with no prior knowledge of fusion. It’s safe to say however, that even those with an understanding of fusion learned more about the industry through the lectures and one to one discussions with Tom at Oxford Sigma.’

~ Craig Chalder, Managing Director, M5tec

‘It was great to contribute to the continued professional education of the M5tec team with the Oxford Sigma Fusion Energy Engineering Training Course. In tailoring this course to M5tec, our goal has been to provide a valuable asset to the team’s already established unique skill set. M5tec impressively makes a habit of pushing intellectual boundaries and this should be a goal of every organisation, especially those in the fusion community.’

~ Dr Thomas Davis, President & CTO, Oxford Sigma

About M5tec
M5tec are a multidiscipline engineered solutions provider and consultancy located in County Durham, England. Their team consists of experienced and enthusiastic engineers who are dedicated to supplying high-assurance industries with new and innovative solutions to engineering challenges and committed to delivering engineering excellence on every project. They have a strong history in designing engineered solutions for operation within hazardous environments including fusion, nuclear and subsea. For further information please visit https://m5tec.com or email at [email protected].

About Oxford Sigma
Oxford Sigma tackles energy security and climate change by accelerating the development of fusion and advanced nuclear energy. The company aims to develop enabling technologies in fusion and nuclear energy, develop materials for extreme environments, and advise these industries to accelerate and achieve commercialisation. Internationally recognised as a highly technical SME, our growing team of engineers and scientists play an active role in the emerging supply chain ecosystem within the UK, USA and EU for fusion energy and advanced nuclear energy. Please do get in touch at [email protected].