Oxford Sigma to provide technical fusion expertise on the UKAEA Tritium Engineering Framework

20 Dec 2021 | News

Oxford Sigma has been awarded a Tier 2 position to support Frazer-Nash Consultancy on the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s (UKAEA’s) Tritium Engineering Framework.

The Tritium Engineering framework has been set up to allow UKAEA to access the UK industry’s knowledge of tritium and tritium engineering, supporting the concept design of the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) fusion reactor.

Oxford Sigma holds niche skills within tritium safety, materials, and fusion engineering, for which we are excited to support Frazer-Nash in solving some challenges with handling this fascinating fusion fuel.” ~ Dr Thomas Davis, CTO Oxford Sigma.

Frazer-Nash’s approach developed a collaborative model that draws upon a broad spectrum of organisations across the nuclear supply chain, each of which bringing their own set of skills and capabilities. This collaborative group includes Tokamak Energy, Oxford Sigma, University of Lancaster, University of Birmingham, Cavendish Nuclear and Rolls-Royce.

Frazer-Nash will be delivering technical expertise in all five of the available areas; Fuel Cycle; In-Vessel Components; Power Infrastructure; Materials Capability and Lifecycle.

“Frazer-Nash are looking forward to collaborating with Oxford Sigma on the Tritium Engineering framework. This framework gives our two organisations the opportunity to utilise our niche capabilities in this area, enabling UKAEA to achieve viable and commercially attractive fusion power in our lifetimes.” ~ Scott Davis, Senior Engineer Frazer-Nash.

Oxford Sigma develops novel technologies for fusion energy, provides solutions in advanced nuclear energy, and supports the defence industry. We also provide technical and regulatory-based consultancy. We are expanding at a fast pace in the energy and defence sectors. Through collaboration with industry, academia, and government, the company has expanded into patent and product development in fusion technology, as well as expanding its services into defence & energy strategy.

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