Oxford Sigma is awarded a position on Digital Catapult’s Quantum Technology Access Programme

26 Oct 2023 | News

Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology, has today announced that eleven leading British Businesses, including Oxford Sigma, have been accepted on the first-of-its-kind Quantum Technology Access Programme (QTAP), to overcome industrial challenges using pioneering new quantum computing solutions. These eleven companies operate within sectors that are key to the UK’s economic growth including energy, aerospace and transportation, demonstrating the industrial value of the new programme.


The 20-week technology access programme will support Oxford Sigma as the company prepares to embrace quantum technology, and consider how quantum computing could solve some of our industrial challenges. With tailored support from industry partners, a team of experts at Digital Catapult as well as access to cutting-edge quantum technology, the support provided to participating companies is designed to achieve their defined use-cases and ensure sustainable business growth.


QTAP is part of a wider Innovate UK (Industry Strategy Challenge Fund) funded project called ‘Quantum Data Centre of the Future’ which aims to embed a quantum computer within a classical data centre to explore real-world access to a quantum computer. The programme’s industry partners include ORCA Computing, Riverlane, BT, KETS and PQ Shield.


Each participating company operates within a growing business sector, bringing unique and sector specific challenges that could one day be solved by leveraging quantum technologies. Their participation in the Quantum Technology Access Programme underscores the need to understand the potential business value of quantum technology, and the strategic importance of exploring new commercial use cases.


The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology estimates that by 2033, all businesses within key relevant sectors of the UK will be aware of the potential of quantum technologies and 75% businesses will have taken steps to prepare for the arrival of quantum computing. The cohort of the programme represents a remarkable mix of early adopters of quantum technology and their commitment to explore and leverage their knowledge in the field. To maximise the programme’s benefits for participating companies, each company has the opportunity to test their use cases at a partner’s data centre.


Oxford Sigma has identified quantum computing as an industry where technology overlaps with fusion. This is particularly relevant in the development of enabling materials for fusion energy, with which the materials team at Oxford Sigma engages on a daily basis.


“The launch of the Quantum Technology Access Programme is a milestone moment for our work with quantum technologies. The industry titans within the chosen cohort of companies really exemplifies the exciting prospect of the future industrial adoption of  quantum technologies. This programme is a great opportunity for them to experiment with quantum computers and bring valuable learnings from the programme back to their company leaders. We look forward to working with our partners from ORCA Computing, Riverlane and PQ Shield on showing just some of the potential of quantum computing and providing the companies with first class expertise.”

~ Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult


“Oxford Sigma is at the forefront of embracing Quantum Technology in our quest for producing sustainable fusion materials, computational models, and fusion technology to the growing fusion industry. QTAP provides our team an insight, expertise, and development to ensure that our technology can utilise Quantum Technology to accelerate our product development.”

~ Dr Thomas P. Davis, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer





About Oxford Sigma 
Oxford Sigma is a Fusion Technology company with a vision to tackle energy security and climate change by accelerating the commercialisation of fusion energy. Our mission is to deliver materials technology, materials solutions, and fusion design services. Oxford Sigma aims to produce advanced materials technologies, agnostic to fusion approach, for the materials ecosystem. Our fusion core materials are engineered to enable longer term operations for fusion pilot plants, with the aim of roll out to the first-of-a-kind commercial power stations. Oxford Sigma is internationally recognised as a key fusion materials and technological leader. The company operates in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, and Japan, with offices in the UK and USA. Our roots and headquarters are in Oxford, UK.


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