Davis & Musgrove Ltd joins the Office for Nuclear Regulation Technical Support Framework

24 Nov 2020 | News

Davis & Musgrove Ltd is working with Frazer-Nash Consultancy to deliver technical expertise on the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation’s (ONR) Technical Support Framework (TSF). The ONR TSF secures technical support for the regulation of nuclear safety across the UK. This support is used to obtain, for example, expert technical assessments, access to specialist software or modelling, or access to niche skill sets which are not retained within ONR. The framework gives ONR a continued supply of expert supply chain resources at competitive rates, with greater flexibility and efficiency in the call-off of work from suppliers.

Read more about the ONR TSF here.

ONR independently regulates nuclear safety and security at nuclear licensed sites in the UK, in addition to regulating transport and ensure that safeguards obligations for the UK are met.

Davis & Musgrove Ltd develops novel technologies for fusion energy, holds expertise in advanced nuclear energy, and supports the defence industry. We also provide technical and regulatory-based consultancy. We are expanding at a fast pace in the energy and defence sectors. Through collaboration with industry, academia, and government, the company has expanded into patent and product development in fusion technology, as well as expanding its services into defence & energy strategy.

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