Davis & Musgrove Ltd Moves to Harwell Innovation Centre, Oxfordshire, UK

01 Apr 2021 | News

Davis & Musgrove Ltd has moved into the world-leading science business park, Harwell Science & Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, which provides a rich, engaging environment with fellow similar companies who work in the space, health, and energy sectors. We are based in the Harwell Innovation Centre.

Founded on decades of innovation, Harwell Innovation Centre is an ever-growing community of pioneering businesses in the science and technology sector, based at the world-renowned Harwell Campus. The Campus brings together visionaries and entrepreneurs and provide them with a safe space, business support and the opportunities needed to grow and thrive in a collaborative and inspiring environment. Harwell Innovation Centre provides flexible office and meeting facilities with a vibrant, collaborative community, closely aligned to the rest of Harwell Campus. The Centre shares Harwell Campus’s vision to improve the lives of people through pioneering research and discoveries.

Harwell innovation centre on a snowy day

The campus has a rich history; it was initially RAF Harwell, which was created to support the World War I efforts, and was eventually converted into the epicentre for nuclear energy development from 1946 to 1990. Today, Harwell hosts the Diamond Light Source, ISIS neutron scattering facility, and has over 200 organisations on site.

“We are excited to have moved to such a prestigious and fruitful place, which has such a deep, rooted history in the foundations of civil nuclear power”. — Dr Thomas Davis, Director of Davis & Musgrove Ltd.

“The best part of what we do is see businesses grow and develop whilst in the Centre and providing as much help and support from our networks as possible.” — Michelle Webb, Manager at Harwell Innovation Centre.

For more information on the campus, please see https://www.harwellcampus.com/

Davis & Musgrove Ltd develops novel technologies for fusion energy, holds expertise in advanced nuclear energy, and supports the defence industry. We also provide technical and regulatory-based consultancy. We are expanding at a fast pace in the energy and defence sectors. Through collaboration with industry, academia, and government, the company has expanded into patent and product development in fusion technology, as well as expanding its services into defence & energy strategy.

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