fusion energy

Fusion Energy

Fusion energy is nature’s energy source, the process that powers the Sun and all of the stars in the universe.

Fusion occurs at high temperatures and pressures, where light atomic nuclei fuse together releasing large amounts of energy. 

Harnessing fusion energy on earth is the ultimate energy source, offering an abundant, carbon-free and dependable energy source.


Fusion Reactions

Fusion is a nuclear process whereby large amounts of energy are released as kinetic energy in the product nuclei.

This energy must then be captured and converted to useful forms, either thermally or using direct energy conversion.

The most commonly explored fusion reaction on Earth is that of deuterium and tritium, two isotopes of hydrogen, resulting in the release of helium and a high energy neutron (14.1 MeV).

Fusion Materials Challenges

The energy density in commercial fusion will result in challenging conditions for confining the fusion process and extracting high grade energy.

Structural and functional materials will be subjected to high energy radiation, high temperatures, and plasma erosion.

Materials and applying the right manufacturing processes are the key to enabling fusion’s transition from a scientific experiment to a commercial reality.

Fusion Energy

Our Mission

To deliver materials technology, materials solutions, and fusion design services in order to accelerate the commercialisation of fusion energy